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Masaya Ishida

Manager, Renewable Energy Business Group


Masaya Ishida joined Renewable Energy Institute in April 2017 to lead research activities on renewable energy business.

Prior to that, he was Executive Producer at ITmedia Inc., a Softbank Group company, where he launched “Smart Japan”, a leading online media in Japan focusing on renewable energy deployment and electric power market reformation. He has held several senior positions at media and internet business companies, including “EE Times Japan”, an electronics industry publication, where he served as CEO and was Editor-in-Chief of “Nikkei Computer”, a magazine focusing on enterprise IT solutions. He holds a B.S. and M.S. in Information Engineering from Tokyo Institute of Technology.

At Renewable Energy Institute, he has published “A Guidebook to Electricity Procurement—for corporations and municipalities—to Increase Renewable Energy Use” (2018), “The Ways Forward for Japan EPCOs in the New Energy Paradigm (2017) and is a regular contributor to column articles and case-story articles that introduce renewable energy projects across Japan.

In addition, he has been responsible to launch Renewable Energy Users Network (RE-Users), a network of corporate energy users that aim to accelerate renewable procurement in Japan.