RE-Source 2017

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Connecting renewable energy buyers and sellers

Date: 11 October 2017
Location: Wiltcher’s Steigenberger, Brussels

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The Event:

This event will bring together a range of multinational corporations, renewable energy developers and senior decision-makers to raise awareness, exchange information and facilitate connections in order to rapidly increase the procurement of renewable power.

Why attend this event?

  1. Exchange information about renewable energy procurement and PPAs (costs, challenges, opportunities, regulations, contracts, etc.)
  2. Facilitate B2B connections between corporate buyers and renewable electricity suppliers through formal matchmaking meetings
  3. Influence decision-makers to introduce favourable and stable regulatory frameworks for renewable power procurement and consumption

Main topics include:

  • Costs, prices and the business case
  • Main challenges and barriers
  • Opportunities for SMEs
  • Legal and finance
  • Policy recommendations and best practices
  • Corporate sourcing index


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Why are big corporates investing in renewables?

Corporates are playing a catalytic role for the deployment of renewables worldwide. More and more companies are procuring or aiming to procure 100% renewable energy. Corporate PPAs in Europe had a dramatic increase in 2016 to 1.6 GW of capacity, almost triple when compared to 2015. By choosing renewable energy as a commercial and strategic priority, corporates are showing a leadership and huge commitment in the global
sustainability agenda.

“Since we’ve started doing our long term PPAs, we’ve seen many other technology and traditional companies follow suit, so I believe we’re starting to see industry in general realize that this is just not the right thing to do, but it’s good business as well.”
Joseph Kava – Global Vice President at Google

“This timely event will raise awareness of the huge opportunity presented by corporate sourcing of renewable energy. It will also identify barriers and propose solutions to facilitate companies, large and small, to procure more renewable energy.”
Paula Abreu-Marques – Head of Unit for Renewables and CCS Policy
at DG Energy, European Commission

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New to PPAs?

A Corporate Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) allows corporates to purchase renewable energy directly from an energy generator. This allows corporates to reduce their carbon footprint, contribute to cleaning up the grid, manage volatile energy costs and get in front of regulatory changes, all while maintaining a fixed price per/kW of energy over a period of years.
The earliest players in the PPA market include some of the largest businesses in the world, Google, Facebook and Amazon are among the thousands of companies procuring or aiming to procure 100% renewable energy.