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Graeme Brownlie

Senior Procurement Manager, Vodafone


Since early 2000’s, Graeme has worked in the Telecommunications industry, originally at Cable & Wireless UK—since acquired by Vodafone. Since 2014, Graeme has worked for the Vodafone Procurement Company where as a Principal he focuses entirely on the global energy category in an award winning function.

In his current role, Graeme helps Vodafone source over 3 TWh of forward power contracts across 8 European countries, shaping their supply arrangements in the market. He supports wider sourcing in; Africa, Turkey and the US, where energy challenges include less mature regulatory frameworks or physical delivery complexities arising from poorer distribution networks. In an ever-connected world, with mass machine connected devices via the Internet of Things (IOT), soon to be 4G+ & 5G converged fixed and mobile networks as standard – solutions on power supply, protection and storage is more critical than ever to the sector.

He is part of the Global Energy leadership team driving strategy across both supply and demand topics—helping a highly energy distributed business secure environmentally responsible and affordable energy befitting a global consumer brand. He was instrumental in helping Vodafone raise its ambition recently to source 100% of electricity needs from renewable sources and currently, is the global lead on their Corporate PPA initiative.

Before Vodafone, Graeme was a Senior Consultant in an Environmental advisory business, undertaking a wide range of energy related topics with clients across many sectors and countries. Originally with an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Edinburgh, Graeme was a building services design engineer in his early career, which is what took him to the Data Centre Infrastructure and Energy space.

Tearing down traditional price stacks to understand underlying cost, deploying renewables and helping construct energy intelligent networks is what he is passionate about.