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Quick guide for newbies: PPAs explained for both corporates and renewables

Wind turbines and yellow field

Are you curious about PPAs but confused about where to begin? To fully reap the potential of PPAs, it’s vital that corporate energy buyers and renewable energy suppliers both understand the benefits and risks associated with entering the PPA market.

So, do you know the difference between sleeved and synthetic structures?

Have you ever wanted to see a clear break-down of the business case for PPAs for Corporate Energy Buyers?

Or are you interested in seeing the benefits PPAs bring to Renewable Energy Generators?

Then you’re in luck!

Scottish Renewables, Schneider Electric and Brookfield Renewable have partnered to develop a set of guides that will help the uptake of offsite corporate renewable PPAs by energy buyers of all sizes.

These guides are the ideal crash course for all newcomer to PPAs… and perfect reading for you before joining us at RE-Source 2018!

Check them out!

Renewable Offsite PPAs: Developer’s Guide to Effective Corporate Engagement

Renewable Offsite PPAs: A Guide for Corporate Energy Buyers

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