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Enel: securing success for new solar- and wind-powered projects using a range of PPAs

Italian energy major Enel have long been champions of corporate renewable PPAs, using them to build partnerships, sharing global expertise, offering project development capabilities and supply their clients with reliable, tailor-made and cost competitive renewable solutions.

Recent major deals include two 20-year PPAs: a 475 MW solar PV PPA signed in Brazil and the financial close of a 180 MW wind Moroccan wind project. Enel’s use of PPAs illustrate just how diverse PPAs are today – not only geographically, but also in terms of the range of clients buying PPAs. PPAs all started in the ICT sector, but today Enel’s clients include automotive, food & beverage, cement, mining, chemical, retail, tech, telecommunication, bank and others.

But corporate buyers need to know that PPAs are diverse, in and of themselves: there is no one-size-fits-all PPA!

So let’s check out the 3 types of PPA Enel offers:

On-site PPA

Learn more about on-site PPAs

Sleeved PPA (aka: off-site physical PPA)

Learn more about sleeved PPAs

Financial PPA (aka: Virtual/Synthetic/Contract for Difference PPA)

Learn more about Financial PPAs

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