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Enabling peer to peer renewable energy procurement with technology

Side event

When: Wednesday, 2 October 2019, 14:00 - 15:30
Where: Griffioen (130 participants)

Session description

Blockchain and automated agents are buzzwords that follow any discussion about the future of peer to peer renewable energy trading. All of these terms need a proper discussion, yet the most important question remains: How far are we from the implementation of the world’s first Peer-To-Peer renewable energy procurement deal?

Trading renewable energy from Peer-to-Peer has huge potential to stabilise prices on the energy market. But, is this scenario feasible?

Learning objectives

This session would revolve around the successful implementation of this energy procurement model. It will focus on the following questions:


Mario Pavlovic

Product owner, Energy Web Foundation


Caroline Brun Ellefsen

Global Head, Instatrust, New Energy Ventures, DNV GL

Muhammad Malik

CEO and founder, NeuerEnergy

Uli Schulze Südhoff

Director Business Development, EMEA, GE Renewable Energy

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