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Be part of the Renewable Energy Corporate Sourcing Week

The RE-Source event is the annual gathering of the corporate buyers and clean energy suppliers. It is a place where discussions of existing challenges take place and future solutions are born.

This won’t be just a typical online event. The RE-Source Team, together with its Partners has prepared many interactive and creative sessions for anyone interested in green energy procurement. You will be able to learn, share experience and do business with companies active or interested in the European market.

Tickets are limited. Don’t wait too long to register.

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Welcome to the RE-Source Buyers’ Toolkit.

The Toolkit has been developed to provide information, raise awareness and ultimately help you to enter the market for corporate sourcing of renewable electricity. The tools are designed to help unlock the huge potential for corporate sourcing of renewables and make a real impact for the transition to a low carbon society.

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What are PPAs?

Corporate Renewable Power Purchase Agreements allow corporates to purchase renewable energy directly from an energy generator. Google, Norsk Hydro, Unilever, Amazon, Facebook, InBev, Adobe, SwissRE, SAP, IKEA are just a few of major businesses looking to secure power from renewable energy.

As large energy consumers they believe that procuring green power helps them to reduce the cost and risks associated with fossil fuel-based power supply. Thanks to significant reduction in technology and operating costs in recent years, renewable producers can supply power below industrial retail price.

100 top companies including leading industrial players are already committing to procure 100% renewable power in the short term through Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs).

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Why are big corporates investing in renewables?

Corporates are playing a catalytic role for the deployment of renewables worldwide. More and more companies are procuring or aiming to procure 100% renewable energy.

Over the last five years, 16 GW of new renewable energy sources have been contracted in Europe either through corporate renewable power purchase agreements (PPAs) or direct onsite installations. With over 150 companies committed to a 100% renewable electricity supply globally (through the RE100 initiative), corporate renewable sourcing has become a major business opportunity, boosting the economic competitiveness of corporates and reducing their carbon footprint.

Since we’ve started doing our long term PPAs, we’ve seen many other technology and traditional companies follow suit, so I believe we’re starting to see industry in general realize that this is just not the right thing to do, but it’s good business as well.
Joseph Kava
Global Vice President at Google
This timely event will raise awareness of the huge opportunity presented by corporate sourcing of renewable energy. It will also identify barriers and propose solutions to facilitate companies, large and small, to procure more renewable energy.
Paula Abreu-Marques
Head of Unit for Renewables and CCS Policy at DG Energy, European Commission
In a world of volatile wholesale energy markets, a long-term deal with a renewables supplier gives some welcome price certainty. And as the costs of both solar and wind power continue to fall way beyond expectations, such deals are becoming increasingly attractive.
Sam Kimmins
Head of RE100, the Climate Group
Corporate PPAs are a win-win: whilst enabling long-term contracts, they provide financial certainty for utilities and developers and they allow the chemical industry to contribute to sustainability goals. Corporate PPAs show that renewables are maturing into market based solutions.
Marco Mensink
Director General of CEFIC

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