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William Dixon

Senior Portfolio Manager / Originator, Agder Energi Solutions GmbH


William is a Senior Originator currently based in Berlin. Having graduated with degrees in both geography and business he manages a growing green certificate portfolio within Europe.

In the past he has managed the green certificate portfolio of a UK energy supplier and negotiated UK based power purchase agreements. He was involved in the Feed in Tariff Contracts for Difference (FiT CfD) and is currently a member of the RECS International working group for consumer claims standards.

William has also worked in the areas of on-shore wind development, and brokerage. Within these roles he contributed to various working groups, including a review of the UK Feed in Tariff, and was part of a sub-group formed by RenewableUK.

Throughout his career he has maintained a good working relationship with key regulatory bodies and European counterparties.