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Mario Pavlovic

Product Owner, Energy Web Foundation


Mario Pavlovic is a Product Owner of Energy Web Foundation, working on Origin, a toolkit for the tracking and trading renewable energy on blockchain solutions. 

Mario represents the new wave of energy sector enthusiasts. With a focus on the blockchain technology, his vision for greener future is rooted in moving the energy sector towards a more automated, decentralized, and transparent world powered by renewables. 

As with any new technology, the adoption curve has a slow rise. It’s Mario’s responsibility inside the Energy Web Foundation to provide a fit between market needs and technology capabilities. Responsibilities range from coordinating technical implementation towards exploring new business models and use-cases. 

Prior to joining EWF, Mario was a software developer, system architect, and tech lead from where he transitioned into more management roles starting with co-founding a company and later joining Bellabeat, a YC backed company, as head of product.