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Strategic partners RE-Source 2018

For us at Enel Green Power, the future of energy will be renewable. Our PPAs are tailor-made for each customer and are designed to actively and resiliently respond to normal changes that take place, over decades, in the life of a company. Whatever way you look at it, PPAs make business sense.

Javier Vaquerizo

Head of Commercial Office, Enel Green Power

Green up and boost your business with ENGIE! Active in the whole value chain from project development to 24/7 renewable energy supply, ENGIE builds for you the most competitive tailor-made solutions you need.

Edouard Neviaski

CEO, ENGIE Global Energy Management

Building a carbon-free grid is an urgent global priority, and we’re excited to be playing a role in accelerating Europe’s clean energy transition. As the world’s largest corporate buyer of renewable energy, we’ll continue to do our part to scale renewables in Europe through additional transactions and by working with groups like RE-Source.

Marc Oman

EU Energy Lead, Google

Iberdrola is committed to staying ahead of the energy transition, tackling the challenges posed by climate change and the need for clean electricity. We are signing PPAs not just because it’s good for business – it’s good for the planet too.

Pablo Collado

RES Products and Service Director, Iberdrola

At Microsoft, we believe in a future powered by clean energy. We’re creating that future by investing in new renewable energy projects, creating new deal structures to open up markets to all, and introducing new technology solutions to storage and grid management.

Vanessa Miler

Renewable Energy Strategist, Microsoft

Since 2015 over 21 GW of PPAs have been signed worldwide by the most forward-thinking companies. RES is proud to have supported many of them. PPAs are a clear way for companies to safeguard against future energy prices, achieve sustainability goals and create goodwill for their organisation.

Ivor Catto